The KRAUSE TeleBoard-System

The convincing alternative to the conventional wooden planks

Made of aluminum the TeleBoard is lighter, more corrosion-resistant and weatherproof as well as easier to clean than wooden planks.

In combination with the optional purchasable BoardStand the TeleBoard can be transformed into a complete working platform. Combined with the TeleSet differences in height on landings and stairs can be leveled out.

In combination with ladders, steps, working platforms or landings the Aluminum-TeleBoard can be used universally. Therefore you can react extremely flexible to almost any situation.

Whether as a construction aid for scaffolding, as a bridge, access as a ramp, as a working plank between two ladders, height adjustments on stairs and landings or in combination with more TeleBoards as working platform – the Aluminum-TeleBoard is applicable universal.

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