Project report: Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH

Mobile, two-part working platform with height adjustment for the maintenance of vacuum and rinsings vehicles

Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH

Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH takes care of a variety of tasks within its area in and around Braunschweig. Operation, renovation and new construction of the city's sewer network, cleaning and repair of street drains as well as water protection and water maintenance, to name but a few. Its fleet includes several vacuum and rinsing lorries, which have to be serviced at regular intervals and repaired if necessary.

Mobile, two-part, height-adjustable work platform with flexible railing frame

Modern vacuum and rinsing vehicles with water recovery have extensive superstructures in the roof area of the vehicles. Technological progress has also increased the amount of maintenance and repair work required in these areas. Previously, the vehicles were climbed onto using ladders, which did not really make the work on hoses and pumps any easier and, in the worst case, even had a negative impact on the technology on the roof. In order to get the special vehicles back on the road as quickly and safely as possible, the Braunschweig municipal drainage authority therefore decided in favour of a mobile, two-part KRAUSE working platform with height adjustment.

The developed work platform is pushed up to the vehicle to be serviced from both sides using castors. After activating the parking brakes, it can be infinitely adjusted to the desired platform height using a smooth-running hand crank. Access is easy via the single-sided tow stair, which adapt to any work platform height and always level the steps horizontally. To save space, an extendable ladder with a suspension device has been installed on the opposite platform as an alternative ascent instead of the protruding tow ladder, which can be manually adjusted to the height of the structure with a single movement. Entry and exit on this side of the construction is via a self-closing safety door.

Maximum safety, efficiency and ergonomics

Once the work platform has been positioned and the appropriate working height has been set, the working platform can be accessed. Once at the top, the two halves of the platform are connected by hook-in guardrail frames, which protect employees at the front and rear from falling. The guardrail frames were designed to be extendable in order to cover the different vehicle widths and always adapt to the respective distance between the two platform sections. Furthermore, the extensions with impact protection fitted along the entire length of the platform can be pushed manually against the outer skin of the vehicles, reducing the gap between the work platform and vehicle to zero. This ensures the safety of employees on the work platform and prevents tools or materials from falling.

Minimised downtimes

Once maintenance and repair work is complete, the railings can be removed again and the work platforms can be quickly and easily removed from the vehicles. In addition to the vacuum and rinsing vehicles, the flexible work platform can also be used on all other commercial vehicles of the Braunschweig municipal drainage system. Thanks to the height adjustment, the tow stairs and the flexible railing frames, the work platform always adapts to the respective vehicle and ensures a safe and effective workplace - from short pit stops to extensive inspections.

The KRAUSE work platform minimises the downtime of commercial vehicles. The increase in work safety also ensures less downtime for employees due to possible industrial accidents, which also has a positive effect on the overall performance of the company. An investment in occupational safety is therefore more than doubly worthwhile.

This is what our customer, Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH, says:

"Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH would like to thank KRAUSE for the good and constructive co-operation. The handling of this order worked excellently, here a big compliment to the customer service.

What was needed was a height-adjustable working platform in the range of 2 metres to 4 metres, as well as a contour adaptation to the various vehicles (suction truck, flushing vehicle, Sprinter). The working platform has now been in use for more than two months. The ascent to the work platform by means of tow stairs and the surrounding parapet as fall protection has proven to be the highlight of the entire construction."

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