Project report HLB Hessenbus GmbH

Stationary roof working platform with electric extensions for maintenance and repair of electric buses

HLB Hessenbus GmbH

The Hessische Landesbahn GmbH is a transport company based in Frankfurt am Main and operates passenger and freight transport on various rail routes in Hesse and the neighbouring federal states. As a subsidiary of the State of Hesse, Hessische Landesbahn operates both local and goods trains. HLB Hessenbus GmbH has been in existence since 2005 and enriches the Group family with transport services from local bus transport (BPNV), distributed among the locations Kassel, Butzbach and Hofheim. In addition to the bus services offered, the company operates workshops and an infrastructure department. With a modern fleet and a dedicated team of employees, Hessische Landesbahn is committed to reliable and customer-oriented mobility in Hesse and beyond.

In recent years, Hessische Landesbahn has increasingly focused on the use of electric buses in order to operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. The company already has several e-buses in operation on various bus routes in Hesse. The HLB's electric buses are charged overnight at special charging stations and run emission-free and quietly during the day. By using the e-buses, the Hessische Landesbahn is making an important contribution to reducing air and noise pollution in the cities and communities. With the acquisition of the new buses, the charging and workshop infrastructure of the depot in Hofheim am Taunus was also adapted to the new conditions. In addition to inspections, maintenance work and recurring tests, air conditioning systems and battery packs can now also be serviced and repaired there.

Great potential in a small space

The roof working platform was planned for an existing maintenance hall with limited space. In the run-up to the project, a detailed measurement was made, which enabled the construction to be planned to fit exactly, even with minimal space. In close coordination with the client, the special features and requirements of the new maintenance platform were discussed and integrated into the planning.

For example, the pipe routing of the existing crane runway had to be moved in height to accommodate the construction. Existing tyre jacks had to be integrated into the safety concept of the roof working platform. Safety railings, which can normally be pushed upwards, had to be made foldable to the side due to the lack of space and the integration of the tyre levers in this construction.

In addition, a charging pole was installed that is coordinated with the parking position of the buses in the roof working platform in order to minimise possible obstructions caused by the charging cable.

Safe and efficient all round

The design was specially developed for the eCitaro bus model with an overall length of 12.20 m, where the air conditioning system, battery module, battery cooler and inverter are located on the roof. These must be safely and conveniently accessible for repairs or module replacement. The buses enter the roof working platform from one side and are supported by a light barrier. The two railings at the front and rear of the roof work stand can be folded out from the ground before the buses enter. The electronically controlled extensions can then be docked to the outer skin of the buses from the ground control stand. The extensions have a rubber buffer with a pressure-sensitive contact strip that protects the outer skin of the bus and the paintwork from damage.

When all extensions and railings are closed, the safety doors open and the working platform can be accessed via the stairs. The tyre jacks, which are also connected via the control cabinet, are locked to prevent damage to the extensions or railings. Only when the extensions of the roof working platform are fully retracted again and the two railings are folded down, the tyre levers are released again.

This is what our customer, Michael Peitz, HLB Hessenbus GmbH, says:


"We are very happy about the successful installation of the system. With KRAUSE as a project partner, we have made a big step towards modern KOM maintenance with the roof working platform in good cooperation in cramped conditions. KRAUSE convinced us as a competent partner from the consultation to the implementation of our requirement profile."

Crane and working platform go hand in hand

To replace the heavy battery modules, the HLB employees use a crane that can pick up the loads in the area behind the bus. In order to have a better view of this area from the working platform, it was extended on one side and can be accessed with the crane control panel. Alternatively, this area can also be used as a storage area for material or tools. After lifting the loads, the crane passes through the safety railing, which is equipped with a swing door. The fall protection of the users is thus ensured at all times.

Now the actual work can begin. On the roof work platform, several sockets and a compressed air hose dispenser are available to the HLB staff. The area under the working platform has also been equipped with sockets as well as additional lighting.

Different floor coverings for maximum flexibility

The floor coverings of the working platform were individually adapted to the different areas. The access stairs with an inclination of 60° were manufactured with aluminium grating steps of slip resistance class R13. The working surface on the platform is made of grooved aluminium, the extensions are made of aluminium hot-plate. Basically, all coverings in KRAUSE customised solutions can always be adapted to the requirement profile of the client and the conditions on site. Even a later exchange in existing constructions due to changed working conditions is no problem due to the modular design.

The roof working platform awaits the next bus
Entry into the roof working platform
The final parking position is reached
Retracted extensions...
...are docked to the outer skin of the buses
The resulting working area with the extended extensions
Crane pick-up area with extended working platform
The crane drives through the safety railing equipped with a swinging door
The crane is ready to pick up battery modules
The work surface with protection on all sides
Safety railing with swing door to the crane passageway
A safety door for emergency descent
Safety railing and door to the access stairs

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Project report HLB Hessenbus GmbH

Hessische Landesbahn GmbH is a transport company based in Frankfurt am Main and operates passenger and freight transport on various rail routes in Hesse and neighbouring federal states. As a subsidiary of the State of Hesse, Hessische Landesbahn operates both local and goods trains. HLB Hessenbus…

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