Commercial vehicle solutions from KRAUSE - tanker ladder and ice-free scaffolding system

Gain complex heights of tank lorries with ease using the mobile, height-adjustable and free-standing KRAUSE tanker ladder. This tanker ladder is the perfect climbing solution that grants you secure and easy access for operating and control works during loading and unloading processes (e.g. sampling, service, cleaning). Your benefit: Easy height-adjustment and locking.  A quick and safe ascendency and an all-round handrail that secures you from falling down. Handrails on both sides of the ladder ensure a safe ascent and descent.

The ice-free scaffolding system from KRAUSE for safety in all road conditions - economical and flexible to use all year round. Each truck can be optimally reached thanks to a height of 3 m. The driver can get to the work platform quickly and safely to clear the roof of his vehicle from ice and snow. Different accessories offer further options for optimal, efficient and safe use. The three-part side protection and the perforated steel decks of the original KRAUSE ice-free scaffolding system make working particularly safe and comfortable in all weathers. With two running surfaces, the de-icing scaffold can be used all year round, for example for truck repair and cleaning work. It can be used free-standing or attached to a wall.



The use of a tanker ladder and an ice-free scaffolding system has many advantages

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