User and product training courses for ladders, steps, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders

Our customers’ safety when handling and using our products (ladders, steps, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders) is extremely important to us. This is why we are offering a range of professional training courses and a regular inspection service for our ladders, steps, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders. Our user and product training courses, as well as our tutorials, are delivered by experienced professional instructors and will provide participants with a solid understanding of how to use KRAUSE products safely and in compliance with the requirements set out by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) (formerly BGI). Hence, they offer professional-level training that will enable participants to provide relevant safety and product advice within your company. This will enable you to more effectively prevent accidents and provide a greater level of occupational safety for your personnel.

All of our training courses and tutorials are delivered by experienced professional instructors. They are experts in their field and will provide participants with practical knowhow and tips on how to handle steps, ladders, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders. Our training course for steps, ladders, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders includes training in how to use our products in compliance with the relevant regulations and on how to perform risk assessments for our products. We deliver our training courses and seminars as in-company courses across the whole of Germany or at our offices in Alsfeld, Germany. We are also happy to adapt our training courses and seminars to your specific needs.

What you’ll get

  • Your own pool of in-house personnel with the knowhow required to provide effective safety and product advice
  • Knowledge required to comply with occupational safety regulations
  • Fewer accidents thanks to safe equipment and trained personnel
  • Greater level of safety for your personnel
  • Comprehensive information material
  • Help with creating assembly and user instructions
  • Assurance that equipment will be used effectively and will have a long service life
  • Trained personnel within your own company able to provide advice
  • Regular SafetyService newsletter

Are you an employer or employee in a company?

Then our training courses are ideal for you or one of your employees. The use of ladders obliges you to regularly check those ladders in order to meet all occupational health and safety requirements. In this way, you prevent work accidents through safe work equipment and correct use by your employees. Hundreds of participants from companies, authorities and retailers have already successfully taken part.

After the perfect use of KRAUSE products, move on to the next step - get trained as a qualified person for your company

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the employers' liability insurance association (BG) clearly state: The employer must determine the necessary information, measures, further training and seminars for the safe provision and use of work equipment. He must also ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him as a safety officer checks ladders, steps and mobile scaffolding to ensure that they are in good condition. A recurring ladder test or mobile scaffolding test is then carried out by your own employees. You can find regular dates in the section seminars on qualified persons for ladders, steps, mobile scaffolding and fixed ladders.


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