Guardrail system made of aluminium by KRAUSE

Guardrails are designed to prevent people working or staying in areas where there is a risk of falling from a height from falling over an edge. Guardrails are therefore used to prevent life-threatening falls from a height. Guardrails are collective safety devices, as they protect everyone on the roof equally. They are therefore preferable to individual protection with personal fall protection equipment (PPEaF).

The weather and UV-resistant free-standing fall protection system can be used on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 10° and is made of durable and sustainably recyclable material. The cost-effective solution fulfils all legal requirements and can be used on various roof surfaces with corrosion protection. The 1.10 m high guardrail is made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel and is installed without penetration using plastic or concrete weights. A separating layer is supplied to protect the roof cladding from damage. Furthermore, the side guardrail can be used as a natural component of the down conductor of a lightning protection system in accordance with the criteria of DIN EN 62305-3 (100 kA). A large selection of connecting and end elements enables the customised design of this collective protection solution.

Collective side protection according to DIN EN 13374:2019-06

Your advantages with the KRAUSE system

  • DIN EN 13374:2019, A
  • Can be used on flat roofs up to 10° inclination
  • Railing height 1.10 m
  • Post spacing max. 2.50 m
  • Plastic weights 760 x 800 mm (2 x 25 kg); system weight per running metre: 30.68 kg
  • Concrete weights 280 x 790 mm (2 x 28 kg)
  • Incl. fleece to protect the substrate
  • Can be extended as required
  • All angles can be realised thanks to variable corners
  • Free end or wall end possible
  • Compensation of unevenness, steps or other height differences on the roof possible with flexible angle elements

KRAUSE guardrail system - an overview of the components


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Play it safe with KRAUSE - guardrail system

No special tools or expertise are required to assemble the guardrail. The individual parts can simply be joined together using a spanner or cordless screwdriver with the appropriate attachment. A pipe cutter is optionally used to shorten knee and handrails, but this can be dispensed with in many applications. 

The guardrail is frost-resistant and has a low surface load. As well as being used on flat roofs and around skylight domes, it can also be installed to protect machinery and equipment, lift and stairwell shafts and other areas where there is a risk of falling. Assembly, modification and dismantling are particularly easy and can be carried out without special tools.

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