Project report Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH

Mobile platform stairs with battery-operated height adjustment

Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH, Bellenberg

Safe and effective loading even without loading ramp

The design for Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH had to achieve a more effective and safer loading of aluminium products without use of a loading ramp. Mobile platform stairs were developed for this purpose, which are continuously height-adjustable via battery operation and quickly adapted to different vehicle heights.

Steps and platforms of the construction were made of anti-slip grating, slip resistance class R13. The gap between the construction and the vehicle is bridged by a checker plate. The employees are secured on the side facing away from the vehicle by means of a wrap-around railing, which enables the loading compartment to be loaded with a forklift truck through a swing door.

The doors open only to the inside of the construction, thus ensuring the safety of the employees on the platform. The swing door is opened automatically when a forklift approaches carrying a pallet and closes again automatically after the pallet is put down and the forklift has left.

The construction features castors with central brake and large handles for easy handling. The attached movable tow stair allows Hydro´s staff and truck drivers to reach the loading area of the vehicles easily and safely. Height adjustment of the platform stairs is battery-operated. This allows quick relocation and there are no cable connections to think about. Accidental overrunning of cables is not an issue. The control panel can be reached from the ground as well as from the platform, reducing ascend and descend needs. The design ensures safe and effective loading of trucks, trailers and containers when there is no loading dock available.

This is what our customer, Mr. F. Plickert, Hydro Building Systems, has to say:

”Thanks to the customised solution from KRAUSE, we save time and increase the occupational safety of our employees and drivers, a perfect solution for our needs.”


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