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KRAUSE extends product range with ladders with R13 steps

Ladders are indispensable in many areas, be it in the household, in industry, in administration, in facility management, on building sites or in agriculture. They allow access to higher areas that would be inaccessible without tools. However, the use of ladders also involves dangers, especially when they are used in damp, oily or even muddy environments. For exactly these applications KRAUSE has extended its range of step ladders by a single-sided and a double-sided ladder with steps of the slip resistance class R13.

STABILO Double step ladder with R13 steps

Industrial manufacturing, construction sites, agriculture, shipbuilding, cleaning and maintenance work - in all these areas people work with ladders and often have to do so in damp or dirty environments, which can have a negative impact on occupational safety. KRAUSE ladders with R13 steps provide a remedy and offer their users maximum slip resistance with the highest slip resistance class. Available as single or double-sided step ladders, they offer all product features that also distinguish KRAUSE ladders with conventional steps. These include high-strength flanged steps, screwed and, if required, easily exchangeable attachments, a high safety bracket with a large practical storage tray and two-component foot caps for safe standing. Product features that have proven themselves for years in industry and trade and have now been extended to include steps of the highest slip resistance class. Equipped with steps, both ladders can be used as workplaces in compliance with TRBS 2121-2.

Less effort and longer service life due to steps with open hole pattern

The self-cleaning steps with open hole pattern offer maximum safety even under the most adverse conditions and are easy to clean. The profiling of the steps prevents dirt, mud, snow or ice from sticking, as the impurities fall through the holes. When climbing the ladders, there is thus a self-cleaning function. In contrast to many other R13 steps on the market with additional rubber or plastic inserts, the KRAUSE R13 step, which is completely made of aluminium, is not subject to any further wear. Efficiency and durability that users of KRAUSE products appreciate. Besides the steps, also the standing platform of the single-sided step ladder is equipped with anti-slip R13 profiling.

Step ladders - the practical helpers in daily work use

Both types of step ladders are quickly to hand and can be set up almost anywhere without any problems. When folded, they take up little storage space and can be stowed away easily and efficiently. Depending on the number of steps, the models reach working heights of 2.95 m to 4.80 m for the single-sided step ladder and 2.25 m to 4.35 m for the double-sided step ladder. The practical, bolted storage tray of the single-sided step ladder has cable holders and bucket hooks, several storage options for tools and a large storage area. This reduces the number of necessary ascents and descents and thus increases efficiency and safety.

Aiming high with safety

KRAUSE offers its customers an extensive access technology programme consisting of ladders, steps and mobile scaffolds with which users can carry out almost all work at height. From the private use in the own four walls over the professional use in the trade up to the daily use in the industry - from the simple folding step over step ladders and rung ladders, from mobile scaffold towers up to customised solutions. Always and everywhere KRAUSE products convince by highest quality, resilience and durability. Strictest quality and safety tests in our own laboratory as well as constant material and TÜV tests are a matter of course for KRAUSE products.

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