Product inspection - ladder inspection for more safety

“Why do my ladders need to be tested, and who can test my ladders and what test certificates do I need?” These are questions which any company using professional ladders and steps is asking itself. 

Ladders and steps are technical work equipment and represent a hazard. The employer must therefore ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him carries out regular testing of working equipment for its proper state. Using a ladder test control sheet, your ladder test is carried out and the product will get an inspection label by us.

According to the accident statistics of the employers' liability insurance associations, approximately 40,000 falls are recorded every year, of which 40 are fatal. An investigation commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Labour of the TU Darmstadt has shown that around 28 percent of all reported accidents occur due to damaged ladders. Many of these accidents can be avoided by a regular ladder test. All ladders, steps and mobile scaffolds must therefore be checked at least once a year. The frequency of the ladder testing depends on your operational usage or the number of persons working with it. DGUV information 208-016 and 208-032 (operating instructions for the handling of ladders and steps, previously BGI 694) provide information on the regulations of the Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV), Occupational Safety Act (ArbSchG) and the occupational health and safety regulations which must be taken into account during testing.

KRAUSE offers you these regular tests according to the regulations of DGUV information 208-016 and 208-032.

KRAUSE benefits at a glance:

Convenient on-site service for you

  • You have not appointed a qualified person in your company or this person cannot attend? Regular ladder testing increases the safety of your facility.

Reduced risks of accidents

  • Due to the reduced risk of accidents, economic efficiency is increased. You are supported by an experienced manufacturer with state-of-the-art knowledge.

Minimal internal efforts

  • For you, the outsourcing of the ladder test to a specialist requires minimal internal effort.

Inspection labels

  • A ladder control sheet is created for each tested ladder. In the event of a positive test result, the ladders are provided with the corresponding inspection label.


  • If a ladder has minor defects, we offer to repair these ladders on site. Thereafter, the ladder gets the corresponding inspection labels.

Legal certainty

  • Legally required testing documentation (e. g. with the corresponding inspection labels for ladders, steps and scaffolds). This increases legal certainty in your company.

You have not appointed a qualified person in your company or this person cannot attend?

In this case, you can use our on-site test service. We come to you, perform the tests and prepare the necessary test documentation.

The following services are included:

  • Inspection, that your ladders, steps, mobile scaffolds and fixed ladders are in proper condition according to DGUV information 208-016 and 208-032, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG)and the regulations of the employers' Liability Insurance Association
  • We prepare the required test documentation
  • We check for completeness and effectiveness of safety devices 
  • We check that the markings and signs are complete
  • We check the equipment for conformity with the ladder test control sheet
  • Apply inspection labels
  • Delivery of documents according to DGUV, such as an inventory list, ladder inspection checklist, ladder inspection control sheet and control sheet for mobile scaffolds
  • We perform small repairs
  • We submit proposals for necessary repairs or replacement purchases

Pay attention to this sign for effortless ladder inspection!


All products marked with our inspection labels in our documents and catalogues are already equipped with an inspection label ex works and thus facilitate test documentation.



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