Access solutions and workstations for tankers, silo vehicles and tank wagons

In order to ensure the occupational safety of employees in the logistics and transport industry when filling tank and silo vehicles with chemicals and fuels or with highly sensitive goods such as dust and trickle goods, safe access solutions and work platforms from KRAUSE are required. With solutions from the field of tanker ladders and individual accesses to tanker and silo vehicles KRAUSE offers an extensive range of standard tanker ladders with different railing basket designs (round and angular) and furthermore also in two alternative step designs (aluminium grooved and aluminium grating). In addition, almost all target group-specific requirements from our modular system can be fulfilled and thus a safe access and workplace for working on, with and around tank trucks, silo vehicles, tank wagons or other vehicles can be provided.

Your advantage with a solution from KRAUSE:

Safe access to the roofs of...

  • tank and silo vehicles for sensitive hazardous and chemical goods, food or neutral liquids
  • silo wagons, tank wagons and special containers in intermodal transport and for railways
  • silo semi-trailers, tipping silo semi-trailers, silo superstructures and silo trailers made of aluminium for transporting dust and trickle goods
  • tank containers and tank trailers
  • tank and silo vehicles for raw materials, bulk goods and construction transports
  • food tank trailers
  • agro-tanker trailers
  • vacuum and pump tank trailers (for slurry, slaughterhouse waste, sludge and animal feed)
  • chemical tank semi-trailers, jumbo tank semi-trailers, semi-trailers in rubberised design

Safe workplace during...

  • loading, unloading and sampling of liquids, solids, gaseous media (hot and compressed air), foodstuffs, water, acids and alkalis, PVC granulates, oils, greases or fuels (pellets and fuels)
  • loading, unloading and sampling of building materials such as sand, cement, gravel, concrete and bitumen
  • conversion work and equipping of tank vehicles
  • installation of electrical equipment for tank trucks
  • preparation of tank trucks for periodic pressure and leak tests
  • comprehensive vehicle preparation

Especially suitable for...

  • inspection work during loading and unloading
  • taking samples from tankers, tank wagons and aufliegers
  • safe access for cleaning, de-icing and maintenance work

Particularly easy to handle due to...

  • easy-care toothed rack (no twisting or tearing of steel cable)
  • immediate use (ballast weight included in delivery)
  • Supplied in pre-assembled modules (quick assembly possible)

Particularly comfortable and efficient due to...

  • chassis made of sturdy, hot-dip galvanised steel with handles for easy movement
  • 500 x 900 mm platform with railing on both sides
  • height adjustment (from rung to rung 280 mm each) with little effort by means of crank and toothed rack
  • platform protrudes far so that it is not necessary to drive under silo or tank wagons

Special safety due to...

  • handrails on both sides for ascent and descent
  • large, projecting railing cage, round 1,500 x 1,500 mm or square 2,300 x 1,500 mm
  • all-round profiled rungs welded into the stile for safe ascent and descent
  • self-locking device to prevent unintentional adjustment and uncontrolled sliding back of the upper ladder section
  • additional locking of the toothed rack

Further KRAUSE access solutions for tank trucks, silo vehicles and tank wagons as customer-specific special solution

If it does not fit "off the peg" - In addition to our standardised tank truck ladders, we offer special designs adapted to customer requirements. These adapt to the existing conditions on site and the planned activities on the vehicles.

Stationary access with drag ladder to two tankers at the same time

  • Flexible, stationary drag stairs for access to silo vehicles of different heights
  • Anti-slip grating as platform and step covering of the first staircase
  • Grooved aluminium steps on the two light, height-adjustable stairs
  • Height adjustment of the stairs by hand crank and steel cable, alternatively electronically
  • Self-locking stair stringers hold their position even under load
  • 350 mm deep top step with impact protection profile for safe ascent
  • Handrail with knee rails for safe use

Stationary access with fixed height and folding overhang

  • Vehicle retracts under the fixed guardrail until it is open
  • The cantilever is then folded out to reduce the distance to the tank truck
  • Anti-slip grating as platform and step covering
  • Optionally also movable on guide rail
  • Step and platform railings for safe use
  • Railing cage can be fixed or folded out
  • For different vehicle heights, also available with height-adjustable tow steps

Stationary access with tow steps on existing stair tower

  • Flexible, stationary drag ladder for access to silo vehicles of different heights
  • Installation on existing stair tower (not shown)
  • Anti-slip grating as platform covering
  • Grooved aluminium steps on the light, height-adjustable staircase
  • Height-adjustment of the stairs by means of hand crank and steel cable, alternatively electronically
  • 350 mm deep top step with impact protection profile for a safe ascent
  • Handrail with knee rails for safe use

Mobile access on guide rail with lowerable stairs

  • Rail-mounted mobile access with stairs that can be lowered from above and safety cage
  • The construction can be driven under by tankers and silo vehicles of different heights
  • The structure can then be finally positioned and the access stairs extended
  • Signalling system assists drivers entering and exiting the structure
  • Collision protection on the supporting pillars protects the vehicles and the construction from damage
  • Slip-resistant R13 grating as platform and step covering
  • Incl. earthing cable and air pressure hose reel
  • Stair and platform railings for safe use
  • Can be extended to several lanes if required

Modified tanker ladder

  • Can be flexibly moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Railing cage with railing extended downwards
  • Lockable access barrier with warning sign
  • Perforated rungs and aluminium grating platforms
  • Rack cover
  • Warning signs and spindle winches marked yellow/black
  • Folding spindle winches with safety bolts

Mobile tanker ladder with side exit and counterweight

  • Mobile platform ladder with side exit
  • Counterweight to increase tipping safety
  • Can be flexibly moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Without railing cage, but with safety chain and swinging door
  • Central brake for quick and easy securing
  • Spindle feet for height compensation
  • Stair and platform railings for safe use

Do you have questions about our access solutions and workstations for tank trucks, silo vehicles and tank wagons? Don't hesitate, contact us and find out more about our special service. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation.


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