Window cleaner ladder as aluminium plug-in ladder system with rungs, steps or R13 steps

What are window cleaner ladders?

Our window cleaner ladders consist of a lower part with a wide stabiliser, one or two middle parts and a tapered upper part which can be placed on window bars without damaging the glass.

Your advantages with a window cleaner ladder from KRAUSE:

  • The back of the upper part is equipped with wall castors with which the ladder can easily be pushed along walls and facades.
  • The ladder parts can be combined and plugged together depending on the working height to be reached and are the only ones on the market with a load capacity of up to 150 kg.
  • Thanks to the plug-in ladder system, the ladder can be stowed in a space-saving manner and also finds room on the roof of service vehicles.
  • Use in confined spaces or taking along in a lift is possible with this system.
Contact blockAbrasion-resistant contact block made of soft rubber material with wedge cut-out which can be leaned against house corners and window profiles.
Wall castorTop ladder part with wall castors for comfortable height adjustment on wall facades and glass fronts.
Safety boltsRound safety bolts also serve as a guide for easy assembly of the ladder parts without wedging. No protruding components what significantly minimises the risk of injury.
Plug-in connectionStable plug-in connection with comfortable and automatic locking (ClickMatic-System) which can be released with one hand.
Ladder base with slip-resistant foot caps (SafetyCap)Maximum flexibility when reaching different working heights. Additionally available short lower section enables six assembly variants.
  • Comfortable and safe standing on 80 mm deep R13 steps with open hole pattern. The requirements of TRBS 2121-2 for the use of steps as a workplace are thus ensured.
  • No clogging of the treads by dirt, mud, snow or ice possible. A self-cleaning function is provided by climbing on, as impurities fall through the holes and liquids can run off.
  • Compared to many other commercially available R13 steps with additional rubber or plastic inserts, the KRAUSE R13 step made entirely of aluminium is not subject to any further wear.

  • 80 mm deep, profiled steps, ensuring the requirements of TRBS 2121-2 for the use of steps as a workplace.

  • Due to its special shape, the D-rung offers stable support and a wider tread surface for better standing comfort compared to conventional rungs.


Easily stowable aluminium plug-in ladder system for different working heights. The steps used allow TRBS 2121-2 compliant use as a workstation.

  • Tie bars made of pressed aluminium profile with additional edge reinforcement ensure high stability and a long service life
  • High-strength flanged step/stile connection
  • Lower part of ladder with wide crossbar and anti-slip foot caps (SafetyCap)
  • Upper part of ladder with wall castors and abrasion-resistant contact block made of soft rubber material with wedge cut-out, which can be placed on house corners and window profiles
  • Two-component head and foot plugs, caps made of hard and soft material with anti-slip/anti-slip protection protect sensitive floors and facades or walls
  • Stable plug-in connection with automatic locking, which does not protrude beyond the ladder stile and can be released again with a flick of the wrist
  • Quick-release fasteners on the inside of the stile that do not interfere with transport and storage of the ladder
  • Round locking bolts also serve as guides for easy assembly of the ladder sections without wedging. They lock automatically when the end position is reached
  • The top section also allows individual use thanks to the two-component foot plugs and the contact block made of soft rubber material as slip/attachment protection and protects sensitive floors, facades and walls
  • Loadable up to 150 kg

Window cleaner ladders made of aluminium by KRAUSE - Light, robust companions for professionals

KRAUSE window cleaner ladders are not only reserved for building or window cleaners -

all other trades can also use and benefit from these ladders.


Window cleaner ladders consist of individual parts that can be plugged together and have been used for many years by building cleaners to clean large glass surfaces safely and effectively. They consist of a lower part with a wide crossbar, optionally one or two middle parts and a pointed upper part. They are therefore often referred to as pointed ladders.

Window cleaner ladders are mainly used for cleaning high windows and other glass surfaces that are difficult to reach. However, they can also be used in other areas such as building cleaning, building maintenance and cleaning solar installations. Depending on the working height to be reached, the ladder sections can be combined and inserted into each other. Users can thus always work as close as possible to the wall or window at different assembly heights. Thanks to the plug-in ladder system, the ladder can be stowed in a space-saving manner and also finds room on the roof of service vehicles. This system can also be used in confined spaces or in lifts.

The ladder sections are connected with the innovative ClickMatic system, which automatically locks the ladder sections together and releases them again with a flick of the wrist. Together with the wall castors, this enables convenient assembly and disassembly directly on the wall. The plug-in connection is equipped with round safety bolts that prevent the ladder parts from jamming and make it much easier to plug them together. This means that the ladder can also be easily pushed up and extended by one person. The same applies to the disassembly of the window cleaner ladder. In addition, the internal plug-in connection does not protrude beyond the ladder rail and thus does not interfere with the use, transport and storage of the ladder.

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