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The KRAUSE telescopic aluminium board - now loadable up to 200 kg.

Telescopic boards are an important appliance for all interior and paint works and are suitable for a working height up to approx. 3 m when it comes up to large areas. For the first time KRAUSE introduces an extendible aluminium board with their Teleboard System. By the use of additional accessories it can be height-adjusted to become a real working platform. The newly introduced Teleboard is now loadable up to 200 kg and therefore frequent ascend and descend is not necessary any more. Tasks can be done faster, more efficient and in “one step”.

The telescopic board possess various comfortable characteristics. The completely closed box section made of extruded aluminium ensures a feeling of comfort and safety while standing on the board even for a longer working time due to its anti-slip surface. The closed surface of the board makes it considerable more resistant towards soiling in comparison to conventional models and it is easy and quick to clean. It is rather practical that the fitting parts at the head pieces are not overhanging and that the complete area of the board is supported in each working situation.  

KRAUSE products can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. KRAUSE's Teleboard offers … just more telescopic board!

Teleboard - telescopic aluminium board system

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Tele Board

Telescopical aluminium platform
Working height: 2,60 m - 3,00 m 

Telescopical aluminium platform

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