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The resourceful KRAUSE Aluminum-TeleBoard is a convincing alternative to the conventional wooden planks! Special feature: The telescopic aluminum board varies in length. For an easy transportation and flexible use. Made of aluminum the TeleBoard is lighter, more corrosion-resistant and weatherproof as well as easier to clean than wooden planks.

In combination with the optional purchasable BoardStand the TeleBoard can be transformed into a complete working platform. Combined with the TeleSet differences in height on landings and stairs can be leveled out.


Variable in length

The telescopic KRAUSE TeleBoard is extendable. For a slim transport size and flexible adjustment.

Available in two sizes:

1) Maximum length approximately 3 m, transportation length about 1.75 m and weight 12 kg
2) Maximum length approx. 3.5 m, transportation length about 2.05 m and weight 13.5 kg

Light, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant

The KRAUSE TeleBoard is made of aluminum. By that it is lighter, more weatherproof and more corrosion-resistant as comparable wooden boards.

Furthermore the Aluminum-TeleBoard is easier to clean.

Universally applicable

In combination with ladders, steps, working platforms or landings the Aluminum-TeleBoard can be used universally. Therefore you can react extremely flexible to almost any situation.

Whether as a construction aid for scaffolding, as a bridge, access as a ramp, as a working plank between two ladders, height adjustments on stairs and landings or in combination with more TeleBoards as working platform – the Aluminum-TeleBoard is applicable universal.

Optional purchasable accessories

Das KRAUSE TeleBoard is optional upgradeable with the TeleBoard-System. This includes the BoardStand which transforms the TeleBoard into a complete working platform. In combination with the TeleSet height variations on each side can be adjusted i.e. at stairs and landing platforms.


Read more in our TeleBoard product leaflet…

Product leaflet 

Installation and use instructions for a safe assembly and disassembly...

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

Customer feedback to the KRAUSE TeleBoard-System

• Ulf Martin – Painter of passion

“As a painter I coat wide walls and surfaces. With the help of the TeleBoard I can reach the ceiling without troubles and I can work on the long working platform without descending. Color buckets and accessories can easily fit onto the TeleBoard too. The TeleSet is especially helpful to me. With this I can level out differences in height on stairs.”

• Bettina Gerhardt – Gardener with a green thumb

“Before I had the KRAUSE TeleBoard I had to get up and down permanently to cut hedges in order to reach the next piece of the hedge. With help of the TeleBoard I can cut hedges up to 3.5 m in length without permanent descending. When the job is done the TeleBoard is easy to store because it is effortlessly pushed together”



Transforms the TeleBoard into a working platform. Perfect if there are no supporting surfaces as ladders, steps, stairs or other platforms.


Increases the height of the working platform and levels out differences in height i.e. at stairs.