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Scoring high on safety again: KRAUSE's ClimTec aluminium scaffold tower given top score

In it’s most recent issue (May/June 2022), the popular German product review magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” published a product review for KRAUSE’s ClimTec scaffold titled “Aiming high”. KRAUSE, who specialises in climbing technology, has been guaranteeing a high level of safety for working at height for over 120 years. The reviewed scaffold's outstanding overall test score makes it yet another example of the many top-rated products KRAUSE has produced over the years. On conclusion of the extensive tests conducted on the scaffold, the testers’ verdict was: KRAUSE's ClimTec scaffold is an excellent product all-round that makes users feel safe no matter what. It performs extremely high on many accounts – from ease of assembly, its high level of stability right through to its high-quality accessories.

KRAUSE's ClimTec aluminium scaffold tower

KRAUSE’s ClimTec is an innovative scaffold that can be extended to a working height of seven metres. The base can be extended to a working height of up to three metres and then extended again with two additional modules. Assembling the ClimTec does not require any tools and the basic module can be assembled by a single person. The testers assembled and configured the scaffold for various working heights and tested it on different kinds of ground on the publishing house’s premises. They then performed the kind of work typically performed on scaffolds in each scenario. Doing so, they were particularly impressed by the scaffold’s stability when drilling, which increased further still when the stabilisers were attached. The team of testers were also impressed by the feeling of safety when ascending and descending the scaffold.

Accessories supplied with tested version

KRAUSE is an expert in its field. This is also reflected by the carefully thought-through range of accessories supplied with the ClimTec. The ClimTec scaffold under review, for example, came with a set of four castors with a diameter of 150 millimetres, which makes it possible to compensate for dips in the ground of up to 150 millimetres deep. It also comes with stabilisers and ballast weights for extra stability and greater sturdiness still. The testers awarded the scaffold a rating of 4.9 out of 5 points in the categories “Performance”, “Use” and “Accessories”. They furthermore made a point of highlighting how impressed they were with the ease of assembly and feeling of safety when using the scaffold. The final category rated by the testers was the ClimTec’s price/performance ratio, which they rated as “excellent”. The version under review comes with KRAUSE’s innovative GuardMatic system.

The GuardMatic System - more safety for working at height

Most recently, KRAUSE's innovative GuardMatic system has been making assembling the ClimTec even more easy and safe yet. The system makes it possible to assemble a scaffold in about half the time it normally takes without impacting on its stability and safety thanks to the 6-point fixation system. The new GuardMatic system guardrails comprise a handrail, knee rail and diagonal all combined in one single module that can be easily fitted from the level below or the ground. This means that platforms are already protected with a guardrail before anyone has stepped on them. The innovative shape of the GuardMatic system diagonals means that the ClimTec’s platforms are some of the widest currently available on the market. The diagonals can furthermore be easily folded and fastened for transporting the ClimTec to the site of use, assembly and disassembly, so that they do not get in the way.

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